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X-Machine - Simulator of extreme sports and adventures

X-Machine is a virtual simulator providing real extreme sensations. The innovative approach allows the user to see 360° around him/her while experiencing great action in the virtual world. Everyone, without exception, can ride the attraction!

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X-Bike - Simulator of extreme VR motorcycle races

The X-Bike simulator gives you the opportunity to test yourself as a rider on bikes, ATVs and BMX, to try racing on aquabikes and jeeps over rough terrain.

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VR Adventure Machine - Buckle up & get ready for great action!

A full immersion simulator game machine intended for 2 persons. A unique platform of unusual design, including imitation of weather conditions, shooting controllers and a game plot full of extreme conditions. This incredible device features 120 different types of high-adrenaline games: Roller coasters, water slides, amusement park action devices simulations ,aviation acrobatic and air combats, intensive shooting games and more.

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Car Racing Simulator - The fastest way for adrenaline rush!

The latest developments in graphics and control devices make it possible for everyone to get the feel of the high-speed chasing & racing games. Put on your headset gear, fasten your seat belts tightly and put the pedal to the metal! You're about to feel like a real Sports cars driver, including the over whelming speed, the great excitement and the adrenaline rush.

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Motorbike Simulator - Fill the vibrant of real ecstasy

Wer'e proud to present a motorcycle racing simulator from a distant future! With super powerful engine UE4 and stylized race tracks fitting every taste, this beautiful machine creates an incredibly realistic atmosphere. Take a seat in a real motobiker pose, ride a bike in a race and be the first to reach the finish line! It's about time you Feel the vibrant life of the real motorcycle racers, without taking any real risks... The speed, the roar of the engine and the sharp turns will become your new passion.

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